Supporting materials

Setup instructions

  • Download the starting folder for this Kata.
  • Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the starting folder using cd.
  • Open the starting folder for this Kata in VSCode.

Software Coach

Simply C# is a product of the Software Coach website. Software Coach is a website designed to help new programmers develop their skills. You might find Software Coach’s resources helpful as you work through the programming exercises in this book. More than that, once you’ve finished Simply C#, it’s a great place to continue your journey in software development.


You can download the starting files for the Katas on this page. The download also contains examples of completed Katas to help you if you get stuck.

Download starting files

The files are all in a zipped folder. Extract the files to an easily accessible place on your computer.

In order to start a Kata, go to the Code-Katas folder. Copy the folder for the Kata you would like to complete onto a location on your desktop.

Next, open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the Kata folder using the cd command.

Make sure the Command Prompt is pointing at a folder that contains a .csproj file. This is necessary for the dotnet commands to work.

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