Kata 1 solution


Hopefully you were able to figure out how to navigate to the correct disk locations!

Here is an example of what a solution might look like:

If my folder is in C:\Users\Mikiel\Desktop\SomeFolder, and I start in C:\Users\Mikiel, I need to use:

  • cd Desktop
  • cd SomeFolder

Alternatively, I can combine the two using a relative path:

cd Desktop/SomeFolder.

Finally, I can just provide the absolute path to get there:

cd C:\Users\Mikiel\Desktop\SomeFolder


You can try the following:

  • echo Hello
  • echo World
  • echo Goodbye
  • echo Universe
  • Then press the up arrow key twice to recall echo Goodbye


For the first part of this question, you should see a folder name has appeared automatically. If you continue to press tab, different folders will appear.

For the second part, you should see that folder names are auto-completed when you press tab for the cd command. Pretty cool, eh?


Executing help color provides all the information you need. Read through the instructions carefully and you should be able to figure it out.

You can change the text color, and the background color. For instance color 1E makes the text yellow and the background blue.

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